Piso WiFi Vendo Machine

  • Php 18,000.00

Start your own Piso Wifi Vendo Machine 200 user can connect with individual time and pay fully automated machine no need thermal paper Features: ?Full admin access ?MAC based authentication, no need password login ?Expandable coverage using Access Point wifi extenders ?Bandwidth/speed limiter per user ?Traffic shaper / Anti-lag config ?Allow/Block Porn sites ? Change bandwidth of individual user ? more rates greater than 1,5 & 10 ?Customizable portal (banner, logo and texts) ?Adjustable timer (mins per peso) ?Users can pause/continue time ?Accepts 1peso, 5peso and 10peso coins ?Printable vouchers ?Class B IP sub-netting (Up to 3,825 ip addresses) ?2 x Gigabit LAN port (for access point extenders) ?1 x Gigabit WAN port (ISP) ?1GB RAM ?Quad core ARM Cortex A53 processor up to 1,200mhz ?12V 2A power supply (power efficient).